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Whats new at Tiny Tribe?

Reuse and Recycle

We have been discovering different ways to reuse materials. So far the children have made tunnels, seesaws, limbo poles, car tunnels and...

Painting Fun

Having fun using our new see through easel to paint portraits of ourselves and our friends 👩‍🎨

Getting ready for school

This week we have been practicing opening and closing a variety of lunch boxes, bags and drink bottles in preparation for when we go to...


Our educators have been working hard to make our rooms more natural and inviting with the use of recycled materials 💕

Our first harvest

Today all our hard work has paid off. We get to pick, cut and taste our delicious veggies. Yum 🌱🥒🌞

Lets Party!

A few pictures from our Christmas party where we celebrated with a visit from Scitech, fun with our snow machine, ice play, playdough and...


Operation "clean up unicorn vomit rainbow" has begun 🙂We are painting over the 50 shades of awful with a tasteful neutral colour. Pink,...

Our Mud Kitchen

A huge thank you to Angela for organising a mud kitchen for us 💗 the children are really enjoying this new addition to our yard 🙂


Today we turned the office into a dark den and used glow rocks to explore colour recognition and make patterns. 🌞🤹‍♂️

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