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Whats new at Tiny Tribe?

Our Anniversary 

Today marks one year of operation for Tiny Tribe Early Education! We are so proud of everything we have achieved this year and of all our...

Finding a frog 🐸

Yesterday we found a frog in our garden. The children were so excited that we decided to keep it for a few days. We explored the type of...

Capsicum crops 🥗

Our children have been planting and caring for our vegies eagerly waiting to try our produce. On Friday we were able to pick 6 capsicums...

Autumn leaves

While using scissors and shape punches, children explored the differences between fresh and dried leaves. We also discussed differences...

Nature play

The children were excited to explore our new nature play area today. 🌿🐞 Thank you to our amazing educators who tirelessly moved logs...


We were very excited to go on our first of many outings today to our local park and playground 🌳🤸‍♀️🏈🌞

Practice makes perfect

Our Kindy children are showing amazing persistence while practicing their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. 🥢👏

Fund raising

We are currently taking part in the Entertainment book fundraiser to buy new equipment for our children. If you are interested in...


A few of the experiences that our wonderful educators have created this month to encourage children's exploration and discovery 👀🔍

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